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Raffles Jakarta - Mother’s Day Spa Indulgence

Mother’s Day Spa Indulgence

Treat the extraordinary women in your life with some Tender, loving care to help them rest and recharge over a luxurious spa break. With an extensive range of techniques and award-winning brands, be pampered with Raffles Spa’s exclusive Mother’s Day blissful treatments.

The perfect way to say thank you.

Mind & Body Spa Ritual
This luxury face and body spa ritual features a unique, relaxing face and body massage for complete tension and stress release. Elevate yourself to a new level of peace and tranquility; re-balance and renew your energy and completely transform the way you look and feel.

Hot Stone Ritual
Relax and recover your tense muscles and be pampered with a 90-minute session that starts with a foot ritual, a full body massage with hot stone, a face & head massage and concludes with inhalation with Lavender Aromatherapy oils to encourage a calmer state of mind & body as well as promote good sleep.

Receive SPECIAL RATE for every confirmed Mother’s Day Brunch
Terms & conditions apply

Until 31 May 2023,
Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Experience the unlimited freshness of pure water from Alva water dispensers. Equipped with high-performance filtration, puri cation, and antimicrobial protection. Take part in reducing bottles of water usage in the room with Alva Water.
Dilengkapi dengan filtrasi, pemurnian, dan perlindungan antimikroba berkualitas tinggi, dispenser Alva Water ini menghasilkan air minum murni yang sangat segar. Dengan menggunakan Dispenser Alva Water, Anda telah menjadi bagian dari gerakan pengurangan penggunaan botol.

Provide Room Temperature Water only

Dispense instruction
1. Place glass on the drip tray
2. Wait for the UV lamp heating up (blue light blinking slowly for 8 seconds). The appliance is ready for use when it shows a steady for 8 seconds.
3. PRESS (but do not hold) upper button for continuous water flow.
4. When the desired amount of water has been dispensed, press the button back to stop the flow.
5. When no button is pressed, the valve will shut off after 15 minutes automatically. The LED turns off.

Petunjuk pemakaian
1. Letakan gelas pada tatakan tempat air dituangkan
2. Tunggu hingga sensor lampu UV menyala (Cahaya berwarna biru akan berkedip perlahan selama 8 detik) Dispenser siap digunakan setelah cahaya biru menyala stabil
3. Tekan tombol tuang (tanpa ditahan) untuk mengeluarkan air
4. Setelah air yang dikeluarkan dirasa cukup, tekan kembali tombol untuk menghentikan ailran air
5. Mesin berserta lampu UV akan mati secara otomatis apabila tidak ada pemakaian dalam waktu 15 menit


Provide Warm – Hot – Cold & Room Temperature Water

Dispense Instruction
1. Place your cup centrally in the dispensing area
2. Select the type of water you wish to be dispensed and PRESS the corresponding Icon
3. Once the icon you have selected is illuminated, SELECT the dispense button in the middle of the button panel
4. Keep the dispense button pressed until your cup has reached the desired level, and then release the button

Petunjuk Pemakaian
1. Posisikan gelas ditengah dispenser tempat air dituangkan
2. Pilih jenis air dengan suhu yang ada inginkan, tekan sesuai ikon yang tertera
3. Setelah lampu indikator ikon pilihan anda menyala, tekan tombol tuang yang terletak di bagian tengah untuk mengeluarkan air
4. Tekan terus tombol taung hingga air yang keluar anda rasa cukup, kemudian lepaskan tombol

Advisory Icon
• Dispensing Button (Center)
Press and hold this icon (water icon) after selecting the type of water you wish to be dispensed; when your cup has reached the desired level, release the button.
• Hot Water (Top Left)
Press and hold the hot water icon for 3 seconds until the icon has illuminated orange, select the dispense button and hot water will be dispensed
• Extra Hot Water (Bottom Left)
Press and hold the extra hot water icon on the display panel, the icon will flash red to indicate that the water is heating. Please allow 10 – 15 minutes standby position to dispense Extra Hot Water (temperature up to 90 degrees). During the 10 – 15 minutes standby position the button will continue to blink and extra hot water can be dispensed following the same method as Hot Water.
• Cold Water (Top Right)
Select the cold water and press the dispensing button
• Ambient Water (Bottom Right)
Select the ambient water and press the dispensing button

Petunjuk Ikon
• Tombol Tuang (Tengah)
Tekan dan tahan tombol dengan ikon ini (ikon air) setelah memilih suhu air yang diinginkan, lepaskan tombol setelah air yang keluar sudah dirasa cukup
• Air Hangat (Kiri Atas)
Tekan tombol dengan ikon ini dan tahan selama 3 detik hinggal lampu indikator berwarna oranye meyala, lalu tekan tombol tuang untuk mengeluarkan air hangat
• Air Panas (Kiri Bawah)
Tekan tombol dengan ikon ini hingga lampu indikator berwarna merah menyala dan biarkan sejenak dalam posisi menyala. Lampu indikator merah mulai akan terus berkedip selama 10-15 menit, menandakan air panas (suhu mencapai 90 derajat) siap tuang. Untuk menuangkan air, lakukan Langkah yang sama seperti metode air hangat diatas
• Air Dingin (Kanan Atas)
Pilih Ikon ini dan tekan tombol tuang untuk mengeluarkan air dingin
• Air bersuhu normal (Kanan Bawah)
Pilih Ikon ini dan tekan tombol tuang untuk mengeluarkan air bersuhu normal




ETL/CE Safety Standards


WEEE (EU Only)


For more information on Alva Water Certifications, please click here


Delight in a medley of floral-infused sweets featuring the fragrant Jasmine Honey Chou, Apricot & Elderflower, the lovely Pistachio Rose tart, the sweetness and fragrance of the Orange Blossom Chocolate, and the signature from the line is the Yuzu with Lavender Sphere.

IDR 500,000++ for two persons*
Inclusive of coffee or tea selection for each guest. Also available at Navina Pool Bar.

*Champagne is available on additional purchase

The Teamaker’s Private Reserve is an ecletic collection of rare, fine teas, each handpicked by Merril J. Fernando, Founder of Dilmah, to represent the finest in tea.

Showing a myriad of flavours, textures and colours, the teas in this collection represent the finest in teamaker’s world of tea. Experience the elusive elegance of Ceylon Single Estate Silver Tips, the intellectual tease of smoky Ceylon Souchong, and the energetic personality of the Lover’s Leap Estate Pekoe I. A deliciously authentic Ceylon Artisanal Spice Chai extends the tea experience with a traditional fusion of the spices that brought the early explorers to Ceylon; a single Estate Tea from Nilagama is infused with the aroma of luscious mango; and mellow Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe from Doombagastalawa is imbued with the romance of rose petals.

Finally, Pure Chamomile Flowers, unadulterated with stalks and leaves, complete the collection with a naturally caffeine-free, herbal infusion.

Our Tea Menu from The Teamaker’s Private Reserve:

Imperial China Natural Jasmine Tea

Lover’s Leap Estate Pekoe I

Somerset Estate Original Breakfast

Single Estate Earl Grey

Mango Scented Doombagastalawa Estate FBOP

Ginger and Rose Scented Doombagastalawa Estate FBOP

Chamomile Flowers

Available at The Writers Bar

Enjoy 10% off best available rate, with complimentary breakfast.

Starting from IDR 2,720,000++ per room per night

Inclusive of :
Daily breakfast at Arts Cafe for up to 2 adults, and up to 2 kids under 5 years old based on occupancy chosen
Raffles Legendary Butler Service
High-speed internet access

Enjoy your stay with daily breakfast and hotel credit at IDR 500,000 for food and beverage per stay

Starting from IDR 3,260,000++ per room per night

Inclusive of :
Daily breakfast at Arts Cafe for up to 2 adults, and up to 2 kids under 5 years old based on occupancy chosen
IDR 500,000 Food and Beverages Credit (exclude alcoholic beverages) per stay
Raffles Legendary Butler Service
High-speed internet access
Access to Pool & Garden facilities

Indulge in Raffles Jakarta Afternoon Tea, perfectly paired with Moët & Chandon Champagne, coffee or custom-blended tea featuring a curated menu from Chef Anom of Raffles Jakarta. Also available at Navina Pool Bar.

IDR 500,000++ for two persons*
Inclusive coffee or tea

*Additional champagne pairing is available

Fun-filled stay at Raffles Jakarta over the weekend that includes daily breakfast, welcome amenities, and an Amazon Play Card.

Starting from Raffles Room at IDR 3,800,000++ per room per night

Inclusive of:
Daily breakfast for up to 2 adults and 2 children below 12 years old
One Amazon Play Card for your children worth IDR 500,000 per room per stay
Complimentary high-speed internet access
Complimentary kid’s amenities
Raffles legendary butler service

Renowned for the popular Charcoal Brunch in 2021, Raffles Jakarta presents “Butcher’s Table” at Arts Cafe. A new gastronomic experience prepared by the Arts Cafe Executive Sous Chef Lukman Hakim and his culinary team. Visit the Chef’s Table, where Chef Lukman showcases a curated section featuring tantalizingly fresh and premium meat dishes paired with Arts Café’s Signature Virgin Bloody Mary and selections of wines. A dedicated Chef’s Table is a special treat exclusively available during the Butcher’s Table.

Feast on Picanha steak, Prime striploin bone-in, Tenderloin, 7 days dry aged Koji Ribeye, Wagyu Beef Sliders, and Mulwarra lamb chop from The Show Kitchen.
A semi-open kitchen concept where Chef Lukman and his team prepare the best flavours of premium meats, seafood and vegetables, cooked à la minute in creative ways with Josper grill.

During the Butcher’s Table, the highly coveted Raffles Pâtisserie signature cakes, freshly-baked artisan bread, viennoiserie, dessert, and ice cream are also available for the sweet-toothed. Don’t miss the chance to taste the creations of Raffles Jakarta’s Pastry Chef Anom.

Butcher’s Table by Arts is a limited-time pop-up experience,
available exclusively every Friday from 6:00 – 9.00 p.m.
IDR 588.000++/person
Additional Wine pairing and Beverage packages is available



Join us for a classic cocktails night inspired by the recipes during Prohibition Era, made in the craft trolley by our mixologist, accompanied by the finest classic jazz tunes.

Cocktail samplers at IDR 395,000++
inclusive of four mini cocktail samplers and one snack

IDR 150,000++ each tipple