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Raffles Butlers

Raffles butlers are renowned for gracious and thoughtful service. In a city where your time is precious, your personal butler attends to the smallest details to ensure your affairs proceed seamlessly.
Known as its legendary butler service from its origin, Raffles Singapore, Raffles Jakarta personalized Butler Service is discreet, attentive, and intuitive. The service they render comes straight from the heart.

Raffles Jakarta butlers are trained by Heilbron Hospitality which specializes in the training of high-calibre individuals for the luxury hotel industry worldwide, where they focus on the advanced training of hospitality professionals to the level of Butler.

Before opening our doors to the public, Raffles Jakarta has created bespoke creations for our guests, ranging from bathrobe to bespoke tea by TWG Tea. The bathrobe is designed by Oscar Lawalata with design inspirations from Hendra Gunawan artworks as well as local batik patterns, available at the rooms and suites within Raffles Jakarta.
For an afternoon tea session, Raffles Jakarta created a bespoke black tea creation with TWG tea, an iconic and luxury tea company from Singapore
 named Raffles Jakarta Tea.

Biodegradable packaging is produced using biopolymers, molecules commonly found in living organisms, such as cellulose and proteins. It’s environmentally friendly packaging that has a low environmental impact. Starting in November 2022, Raffles Jakarta uses biodegradable materials for its To-Go packaging. The packaging breaks down quickly and decomposes over time since it’s generally made from discarded plant products.

Experience the unlimited freshness of pure water from Alva water dispensers. Equipped with high-performance filtration, puri cation, and antimicrobial protection. Take part in reducing bottles of water usage in the room with Alva Water.
Dilengkapi dengan filtrasi, pemurnian, dan perlindungan antimikroba berkualitas tinggi, dispenser Alva Water ini menghasilkan air minum murni yang sangat segar. Dengan menggunakan Dispenser Alva Water, Anda telah menjadi bagian dari gerakan pengurangan penggunaan botol.

Provide Room Temperature Water only

Dispense instruction
1. Place glass on the drip tray
2. Wait for the UV lamp heating up (blue light blinking slowly for 8 seconds). The appliance is ready for use when it shows a steady for 8 seconds.
3. PRESS (but do not hold) upper button for continuous water flow.
4. When the desired amount of water has been dispensed, press the button back to stop the flow.
5. When no button is pressed, the valve will shut off after 15 minutes automatically. The LED turns off.

Petunjuk pemakaian
1. Letakan gelas pada tatakan tempat air dituangkan
2. Tunggu hingga sensor lampu UV menyala (Cahaya berwarna biru akan berkedip perlahan selama 8 detik) Dispenser siap digunakan setelah cahaya biru menyala stabil
3. Tekan tombol tuang (tanpa ditahan) untuk mengeluarkan air
4. Setelah air yang dikeluarkan dirasa cukup, tekan kembali tombol untuk menghentikan ailran air
5. Mesin berserta lampu UV akan mati secara otomatis apabila tidak ada pemakaian dalam waktu 15 menit


Provide Warm – Hot – Cold & Room Temperature Water

Dispense Instruction
1. Place your cup centrally in the dispensing area
2. Select the type of water you wish to be dispensed and PRESS the corresponding Icon
3. Once the icon you have selected is illuminated, SELECT the dispense button in the middle of the button panel
4. Keep the dispense button pressed until your cup has reached the desired level, and then release the button

Petunjuk Pemakaian
1. Posisikan gelas ditengah dispenser tempat air dituangkan
2. Pilih jenis air dengan suhu yang ada inginkan, tekan sesuai ikon yang tertera
3. Setelah lampu indikator ikon pilihan anda menyala, tekan tombol tuang yang terletak di bagian tengah untuk mengeluarkan air
4. Tekan terus tombol taung hingga air yang keluar anda rasa cukup, kemudian lepaskan tombol

Advisory Icon
• Dispensing Button (Center)
Press and hold this icon (water icon) after selecting the type of water you wish to be dispensed; when your cup has reached the desired level, release the button.
• Hot Water (Top Left)
Press and hold the hot water icon for 3 seconds until the icon has illuminated orange, select the dispense button and hot water will be dispensed
• Extra Hot Water (Bottom Left)
Press and hold the extra hot water icon on the display panel, the icon will flash red to indicate that the water is heating. Please allow 10 – 15 minutes standby position to dispense Extra Hot Water (temperature up to 90 degrees). During the 10 – 15 minutes standby position the button will continue to blink and extra hot water can be dispensed following the same method as Hot Water.
• Cold Water (Top Right)
Select the cold water and press the dispensing button
• Ambient Water (Bottom Right)
Select the ambient water and press the dispensing button

Petunjuk Ikon
• Tombol Tuang (Tengah)
Tekan dan tahan tombol dengan ikon ini (ikon air) setelah memilih suhu air yang diinginkan, lepaskan tombol setelah air yang keluar sudah dirasa cukup
• Air Hangat (Kiri Atas)
Tekan tombol dengan ikon ini dan tahan selama 3 detik hinggal lampu indikator berwarna oranye meyala, lalu tekan tombol tuang untuk mengeluarkan air hangat
• Air Panas (Kiri Bawah)
Tekan tombol dengan ikon ini hingga lampu indikator berwarna merah menyala dan biarkan sejenak dalam posisi menyala. Lampu indikator merah mulai akan terus berkedip selama 10-15 menit, menandakan air panas (suhu mencapai 90 derajat) siap tuang. Untuk menuangkan air, lakukan Langkah yang sama seperti metode air hangat diatas
• Air Dingin (Kanan Atas)
Pilih Ikon ini dan tekan tombol tuang untuk mengeluarkan air dingin
• Air bersuhu normal (Kanan Bawah)
Pilih Ikon ini dan tekan tombol tuang untuk mengeluarkan air bersuhu normal




ETL/CE Safety Standards


WEEE (EU Only)


For more information on Alva Water Certifications, please click here


Raffles Jakarta also encourages our guests to participate in the initiatives through “Sustainable Staycation”, where guests can upgrade their stay to the Suite category and participate in the hotel Upcycling Linen program.

At Raffles Jakarta, we intend to combine development with growth that respects the environment and local communities program. The current objective is to tackle Jakarta’s hotel textile waste problem while raising the public’s awareness and appreciation toward upcycling fashion with a collaboration project with JKT Creative and Ibu Rusun (Women in the family of subsidized housing)

Available in limited editions, the upcycled, hand-embroidered shirt and creative pouch will be gifted to the guests who book the Sustainable Staycation experience. For every stay in the Raffles Room category, guests will receive a creative Pouch, while guests in the Suite category receive the Shirt.

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do; for us, it is a new luxury. We feel that the modern-day luxury traveler is looking for sustainability in travel and contributing in some form to the environment and the community.”
Yves Mudry – General Manager of Raffles Jakarta.

As part of the Raffles Jakarta commitment and raising sustainability awareness, the hotel is continuously working to eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging under its No Plastic Initiative. The initiative is part of Accor Planet 21 and aims to eliminate all single-use plastic by 2023.

In collaboration with Penhaligon amenities, individual bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel have been replaced with Penhaligon’s amenity dispenser to reduce single plastic use and waste.

Raffles Jakarta’s Commitment to “Green Hospitality”
Enjoy a luxurious stay and participate in sustainable & community initiatives

Raffles Jakarta is deeply committed to sustainable value creation and actively gives back to the planet and the community. In line with the Accor Planet 21 program, Raffles Jakarta aims to provide “Positive Hospitality” that creates links and positive outcomes for all our guests while striving relentlessly to reduce the impacts associated with our operations.

Hendra Gunawan was an Indonesian artist, poet, sculptor who was born in Bandung, the capital of West Java, in 1918. Hendra Gunawan is said to be one of the most renowned painters in Indonesian history and respected for his role in actively stimulating the development of modern art at the beginning of Indonesia’s Independence years. His paintings depict daily lives of people from different levels of society. Like his art work, he had a colorful life which can be classified into three distinct periods. Hendra Gunawan has been accredited as one of the artists who recorded Indonesia’s historical events, through his paintings.

Raffles Jakarta was founded by Dr. (HC). Ir. Ciputra who is an avid collector of Hendra Gunawan paintings. He made a promise to the late Hendra Gunawan that he would one day open a museum in his honour. True to his word, in March 2015 Raffles Jakarta opened, where the legacy of Hendra Gunawan comes to life though Hendra’s masterpieces that enhance the magnificent interiors. Attached to the Raffles Hotel is the Ciputra Artpreneur, which includes The Hendra Gunawan Museum, a gallery, and a 1,200 seat Broadway Musical Theatre.

An iconic welcome to Raffles Jakarta, our Raffles Royal Host is more than just a door man. He is an art historian within the property, knowing every story and history of every details in ever floor of Raffles Jakarta, inspired by the artworks of Hendra Gunawan or inspired by the legendary service of Raffles brand.

Whilst we believe we have the most comfortable pillows in the world, we like to allow our guests to try something different should they wish. We have selected these alternatives for your sleeping pleasure.

TEMPUR® Original Pillow
The firm feel pillow is designed for optimal neck and spine support when sleeping on your back or side. Conforming to your natural curvature, relieves pressure around your shoulders, neck and back, allowing your muscle to fully relax.

TEMPUR® Millenium Pillow
The firm feel pillow is designed to relieve pressure points around your head, neck and shoulders for therapeutic support. This unique design tilts forward slightly to align your spine while hugging your shoulders for ultimate comforting support while you sleep on your back or side.

TEMPUR® Symphony Pillow
This medium feel pillow is designed with gently sloping contours and a thick profile for consistent, all night support without shifting or reshaping when sleeping on either your back or side.

For your new pillow arrangement, please contact us HERE

Pillow Menu by TEMPUR®