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Raffles Jakarta - Raffles Sleep Ritual

Raffles Sleep Ritual

Whilst we believe we have the most comfortable pillows in the world, we like to allow our guests to try something different should they wish. We have selected these alternatives for your sleeping pleasure.

TEMPUR® Original Pillow
The firm feel pillow is designed for optimal neck and spine support when sleeping on your back or side. Conforming to your natural curvature, relieves pressure around your shoulders, neck and back, allowing your muscle to fully relax.

TEMPUR® Millenium Pillow
The firm feel pillow is designed to relieve pressure points around your head, neck and shoulders for therapeutic support. This unique design tilts forward slightly to align your spine while hugging your shoulders for ultimate comforting support while you sleep on your back or side.

TEMPUR® Symphony Pillow
This medium feel pillow is designed with gently sloping contours and a thick profile for consistent, all night support without shifting or reshaping when sleeping on either your back or side.

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