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Body Massages

Escape time and indulge in Raffles Spa’s relaxing body massages that will help you to unwind your week. Ranging from signature massage using traditional techniques and oils to a unique sensory massage experience, our body massages is the perfect treat for your body and mind.

Raffles Jakarta Signature Heritage Massage – Using a combination of Lomi Lomi, Balinese and Javanese massage techniques, our signature heritage massage will help you to reduce muscle tension and relaxes the body and mind

Traditional Jaipong Body Stretching – This traditional Wes Java body stretching treatment combines music and purpose build moves, to help you relax and relieve tension throughout the body

Balinese Herbal Compress Massage – Inspired by ancient healing therapies from Asia, this treatment begins with a massage using rich coconut oil, with a heated herbal compress consist of precious Balinese herbs to relieve stress, boost energy and improve blood circulation

The Spirit of Sumatra – Begin a relaxation journey with an ancient massage techniques from North Sumatra to bring balance to your mind, body and soul for a holistic revitalization and deep relaxation using Martub Batak oil to reduce sore muscles and improve blood circulation

Urban Stress Reliever – Soothe achy tired muscles and decompress your nerves using a combination of clary sage and patchouli oil as well as medium to deep pressure according to your specific needs

Tibetan Vibration Relaxation Massage – Take time and reconnect your body and mind through sound vibrations to help restore the mind and decrease any tension in the body

Oriental Foot Reviver – Experience holistic revitalization and deep relaxation with specific thumb and finer techniques to various reflex points on the feet which effectively stimulate corresponding organs in the upper body


Raffles Spa Journeys assure the act of inner and outer transformation by traveling from one place to another through sensory pleasures, unique surroundings and rejuvenating sensations. Leave feeling well-rested and on your journey to living well.

Indonesian Heritage Experience – Indulge in an Indonesian spa traditions combining elements that benefit from head to the toe for absolute indulgence

Mind and Body Spa Ritual – This luxury face and body spa ritual features a unique, relaxing, deep tissue pressure point facial massage to release all the tension and stress in the face, eyes, scalp and neck. Elevate yourself to a new level of peace and tranquility

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