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Hydrotherapy Wellness Experiences

Indulge the extensive hydroptherapy wellness experiences at Raffles Spa, the perfect way to end your daily exercise or your spa experience:

Steam Room Wellness – Maintained at 42-45 degrees Celcius, the humid aromatic heat experience is highly beneficial for it helps to opens up the breathing passages, alleviates congestion as well as to increase circulation

Experience Showers – Experience showers have a unique variety of multi-temperature water sequences, combines with soothing warm and cold jets to relax the body

Vitality Pools – Maintained at a temperature of 38 degrees Celcius, this luxurious bespoke pool is equipped with air and water jet features that wil help to increase circulation and alleviate joint pain

Ice Fountains – After exposure a hot environment, crushed ice can be applied to limbs gently to selectively cool the body, to help lower blood pressure and relaxation

Heated Relaxation Loungers – These heated loungers are allocating space to a relaxation area, the loungers provide the radiated heat surface, a pleasing aesthetic, relaxed and warm your body

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