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Raffles Jakarta - Personal Training

Personal Training

Attain peak performances whilst achieving your desired fitness results

We know that exercise is a vital component to daily life, especially for travellers on the go, and we appreciate the desire for high-quality, well-equipped fitness facilities. Our Technogym provide spacious, customised, wellness areas and supplies fitness facilities to meet all your needs.

Attain peak performances whilst achieving your desired fitness results. Combine workout with one-to-one strength training, fitness coaching and lifestyle sessions, including a BMI (body mass index) assessment, offered by our dedicated personal trainers and nutritionists. We would be delighted to help you create a customised program, aimed at balancing physical activity with relaxation. Our certified yoga instructors at Raffles Spa offer a variety of different yoga techniques, available in personal or group classes at our private studio.

Indulge the extensive hydroptherapy wellness experiences at Raffles Spa, the perfect way to end your daily exercise or your spa experience:

Steam Room Wellness – Maintained at 42-45 degrees Celcius, the humid aromatic heat experience is highly beneficial for it helps to opens up the breathing passages, alleviates congestion as well as to increase circulation

Experience Showers – Experience showers have a unique variety of multi-temperature water sequences, combines with soothing warm and cold jets to relax the body

Vitality Pools – Maintained at a temperature of 38 degrees Celcius, this luxurious bespoke pool is equipped with air and water jet features that wil help to increase circulation and alleviate joint pain

Ice Fountains – After exposure a hot environment, crushed ice can be applied to limbs gently to selectively cool the body, to help lower blood pressure and relaxation

Heated Relaxation Loungers – These heated loungers are allocating space to a relaxation area, the loungers provide the radiated heat surface, a pleasing aesthetic, relaxed and warm your body

Raffles Spa is the perfect environment for living well, with access available exclusively to hotel guests and private members, offering the following facilities and services:

  • 2 Tennis courts
  • 300m interval outdoor jogging track through the lush Hendra Gunawan inspired garden
  • 25m outdoor lap pool
  • Leisure pool (with submerged loungers)
  • Whirlpool
  • Children’s pool
  • Yoga terrace
  • Open-air pavilions
  • Navina Pool Bar
  • Kids outdoor play ground
  • Hydrotherapy Experiences
  • Male and female relaxation areas
  • Shower and locker area
  • Gym

For more information, please contact our spa colleague via
WhatsApp at +62 855 8239 888


Spend a quality and romantic day with your loved one with a selection of Raffles Spa’s signature couples treatments.

Aromatic Couples Romance – Indulge in together time with a relaxing aromatic soak using an aromatic bath milk and candle light. After your muscles have had time to relax, enjoy a relaxing massage ensuring the perfect combination for you and your partner

Treasured Time – Relax together with our Raffles Signature Massage, which uses a blend of essential oils and purpose-designed movements to stimulate circulation, promote deep relaxation and restore the flow of energy throughout the body

Our selections of facial treatments are using a new state of the art technology in skincare. These facial treatments will be using the exclusive GAYLIA KRISTENSEN skincare brand from Australia with the most advanced anti-ageing solutions in the world today.

Ultimate Firming – This extraordinary facial treatment sweeps away the years with a unique deep tissue reflexology and pressure point massage of the face, neck, scalp, shoulders, hands and arms. Using the award-winning GAYLIA KRISTENSEN products that lift, firm, tighten and smooth the skin, combined with a luxurious Natural Firming Infusion Face and Neck mask and see the dramatic change in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a fantastic, younger looking skin.

Prolift Sculpting – A vigorous, highly stimulating, hands-on, non-surgical Face Lifting and Sculpting massage techniques combines the innovative new GAYLIA KRISTENSEN skincare products and a Natural Infusion Face Mask is an effective, holistic massage alternative to machine based facial treatments

Radiance Skin Brightening – This unique GAYLIA KRISTENSEN facial treatment hydrates and brightens your skin, giving it a stunning even tone and superb, natural radiance and brilliance as well a Natural Brightening Infusion Face Mask for a brilliant, lighter, brighter, younger, look and feel of the skin.

Stress Release – Stop, switch off and unwind. Experience an innovative GAYLIA KRISTENSEN facial treatment that removes all your digital stress and tension to help you relax, re-balance and re-energize your body and soul. A Natural Hydrating Infusion Face Mask will help to give you an amazing younger looking skin, and a new stress-free you, glowing with health, energy and vitality.

Gentleman’s Facial – Powerful anti-ageing and stress-release for men using award-winning GAYLIA KRISTENSEN products to deep cleanse and purify the skin that also features a Natural Hydrating Infusion Mask that leaves the skin smooth, nourished and hydrated, looking and feeling years younger and totally refreshed.

An advanced selections of facials include the use of Jet Clear to enhance the blood circulation and facilitates the effectiveness of the skincare products used during this facial experience.

Advanced Hydration – This advanced facial has a multiple step peeling for both face and hands along with a face and shoulder massage to help you release any tension. To further hydrate the skin a hydrating infusion mask is applied along with Hyaluronic Serum for optimal absorption and hydration

Skin Brilliance Advanced – An exceptional facial treatment feature skin brightening technology and powerful effective ingredients skincare products combined with a Hydrating Infusion Mask that leaves skin smooth, nourished and totally refreshed for optimal skin brilliance.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the city of Jakarta, take a time to calm your body and mind with Raffles Spa’s body treatments; ranging from deep tissue relaxation massage combined with a body scrub or slimming body treatments using Kerstin Florian products.

Lavender Dream Experience – An uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience using wild lavender with pressure point scalp massages, body scrub and warm healing stones

Brighter Body Scrub – Illuminate your body from head to toe with organic ginger oil, shea butter and nutrient rich algae for a refine texture and bright skin.

Balinese Boreh Healing Remedy – Using centuries old healing remedies, a traditional herb, roots and spices mask will help to warm the body and provide comfort as well as increase blood circulation

Detox Contour Solution – Refine and firm your body contours with an exclusive dry brush technique and slimming massage using a combination of modern technology and traditional herbs and spices

Escape time and indulge in Raffles Spa’s relaxing body massages that will help you to unwind your week. Ranging from signature massage using traditional techniques and oils to a unique sensory massage experience, our body massages is the perfect treat for your body and mind.

Raffles Jakarta Signature Heritage Massage – Using a combination of Lomi Lomi, Balinese and Javanese massage techniques, our signature heritage massage will help you to reduce muscle tension and relaxes the body and mind

Hot Stone Ritual –Relax and recover your tense muscles with our Hot Stone Ritual. Using smooth, heated basalt stone, the heat from the stone provides extra relaxation and warms up the tight muscles.

Traditional Jaipong Body Stretching – This traditional Wes Java body stretching treatment combines music and purpose build moves, to help you relax and relieve tension throughout the body

Balinese Herbal Compress Massage – Inspired by ancient healing therapies from Asia, this treatment begins with a massage using rich coconut oil, with a heated herbal compress consisting of precious Balinese herbs to relieve stress, boost energy and improve blood circulation

The Spirit of Sumatra – Begin a relaxation journey with ancient massage techniques from North Sumatra to bring balance to your mind, body, and soul for a holistic revitalization and deep relaxation using Martub Batak oil to reduce sore muscles and improve blood circulation

Urban Stress Reliever – Soothe achy tired muscles and decompress your nerves using a combination of clary sage and patchouli oil as well as medium to deep pressure according to your specific needs