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Hendra Gunawan

Hendra Gunawan was an Indonesian artist, poet, sculptor who was born in Bandung, the capital of West Java, in 1918. Hendra Gunawan is said to be one of the most renowned painters in Indonesian history and respected for his role in actively stimulating the development of modern art at the beginning of Indonesia's Independence years. His paintings depict daily lives of people from different levels of society. Like his art work, he had a colorful life which can be classified into three distinct periods. Hendra Gunawan has been accredited as one of the artists who recorded Indonesia's historical events, through his paintings.   Raffles Jakarta was founded by Dr. (HC). Ir. Ciputra who is an avid collector of Hendra Gunawan paintings. He made a promise to the late Hendra Gunawan that he would one day open a museum in his honour. True to his word, in March 2015 Raffles Jakarta opened, where the legacy of Hendra Gunawan comes to life though Hendra’s masterpieces that enhance the magnificent interiors. Attached to the Raffles Hotel is the Ciputra Artpreneur, which includes The Hendra Gunawan Museum, a gallery, and a 1,200 seat Broadway Musical Theatre.
  • menyusui-ii

    Menyusui II

    1982 - Nursing II depicts a mother and child against the backdrop of an ocean landscape. Hendra was fond of painting all aspects of real Indonesian life and society. Paintings often depicted family relationships and...

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  • digigit-kepiting

    Digigit Kepiting

    1970 - “Digigit Kepiting” or “Bitten by Crab” is one of Hendra’s work while incarcerated in the Kebun Waru prison in Bandung. Although confined behind bars, Hendra continued to paint, with an imagination that reached...

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  • menangkap-kupu-kupu

    Menangkap Kupu-Kupu

    1980 - A recurring theme is Hendra Gunawan art is the female figure and family interaction, which results in a characteristic level of humanity and the reason why his paintings evoke an emotional connection for many. The...

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  • pangeran-diponegoro-terluka

    Pangeran Diponegoro Terluka

    1982 - Even throughout his incarceration, Hendra never lost his love for Indonesia. He painted the greatness of Indonesian heroes from different regions and the Indonesian people’s struggle for independence. One of the...

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  • nelayan-ii

    Nelayan II

    1982 - On a beach, on a hilly slope, a fisherman’s family plays happily together. A man holds up a large fish that he has caught. On the other side, a mother holds her child, who is teasing a dog with leftover fish. The tides...

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