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Raffles Jakarta - Raffles Celebrate
Raffles Jakarta - Raffles Celebrate
Raffles Jakarta - Raffles Celebrate

Raffles Celebrate

Treat yourself or someone special to the warmest of welcomes, richest experiences, and fondest memories with a celebration at Raffles Jakarta.
From a birthday dinner at Arts Café, a yeartide celebration at Navina Pool Bar, or a social gathering at The Writers Bar, Raffles Jakarta sets the tone for exclusive arrangements for your special occasion.

Celebrate one of the world’s iconic cocktails at The Writers Bar.

Presented by Imbibe and Campari, Negroni Week 2023 takes place from 18 – 24 September 2023. Sip your favourite Negroni while supporting this year’s Negroni Week & Slow Food’s charitable mission to foster a more equitable and sustainable food and beverage world.

Slow Food represents the ethos of Negroni Week to cultivate community and seek a better world for all through hospitality, and we are thrilled to be able to take part in supporting their transformative work.

IDR 195,000 nett per glass


An invitation into a Japanese-style dining experience by Arts Café.
Focuses on the freshest seafood, salmon, tuna, scallops, and other height-of-season ingredients, and accented by freshly harvested seasonal vegetables, Izakaya at Arts is skilfully prepared and exquisitely arranged by Chef Lukman and his culinary team.

Delight in a menu that spans a range of culinary pleasures, from traditional dishes to an innovative interpretation of Japanese cuisine, accompanied by selected premium Sake to unwind the night.

IDR 588,000++ per person


Relish the ultimate weekend escapade at Raffles Jakarta with an elegant Sunday Brunch by Chef Lukman, served in chic interiors and a vibrant Hendra Gunawan artwork backdrop.

Starting from Raffles Room at IDR 3,100,000++ per room per night

Your exclusive stay includes a tantalizing culinary journey, from daily breakfast to a delectable Raffles Afternoon Tea at The Writers Bar and a complimentary dinner experience for two persons at Arts Cafe.

Starting from Raffles Room at IDR 3,600,000++ per room per night

For this season’s baked collection, look forward to Raffles Patisserie’s signature classics Dates with Pecan Nuts and Mandarin Lotus featuring delicious pecan nuts, velvety smooth lotus paste, and a harmonious balance of flavours with layers of depth and complexity. With a focus on classics, the baked selection also sees the return of White Lotus Egg Yolk, the fragrant of Pandan and house favourites such as Red Beans and Black Sesame.

Lotus Box with 4 pieces of Mooncake
IDR 900,000 nett per box

Raffles Box with 6 pieces of Mooncake
IDR 1,100,000 nett per box

Debuting this year from Raffles Patisserie are the first Snowskin Mooncakes collections by Chef Anom Putra. Discover our newest delights in Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Matcha Red Bean and a personal favourite, Yuzu White Chocolate, a harmonious blend of fragrant flavours with the complementary natural sweetness of white chocolate and the freshness of Yuzu.
The perfect treat with a soothing cup of Raffles Reserve Tea collections.

Tailored Package with 2 pieces of Mooncake
IDR 350,000 nett per box

Delight in the new creations of Royal Milk Tea, Blueberry Lemon and Honey Murasaki Sweet Potatoes, an infusion of flavours that offers a modern twist on tradition, revealing a surprising combination of exciting and popular flavours.

Lotus Box with 4 pieces of Mooncake
IDR 900,000 nett per box

Raffles Box with 6 pieces of Mooncake
IDR 1,100,000 nett per box

Step into Navina Pool Bar and indulge in the refreshing beer-centric getaway.

Enjoy a range of craft beers, delicious light bites, and a vibrant atmosphere that sets the stage amidst the lush tropical garden.

Receive one additional beer for every purchase of two craft beers
Available every day from 3:00 PM onwards

Delight in a medley of floral-infused sweets featuring the fragrant Jasmine Honey Chou, Apricot & Elderflower, the lovely Pistachio Rose tart, the sweetness and fragrance of the Orange Blossom Chocolate, and the signature from the line is the Yuzu with Lavender Sphere.

IDR 500,000++ for two persons*
Inclusive of coffee or tea selection for each guest. Also available at Navina Pool Bar.

*Champagne is available on additional purchase